Job Support

On student visa, you are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks) during course in section and unrestricted hours during course breaks. Working while studying can help complement your study and living experience. Earning from working not only help to assist you with your living expense, but also allow you to attain great experience in work environment such as diversity, skill sets, and management, and friendships.

You can find job through plenty of ways including

  • Online job sites
  • Newspapers
  • Job notice-boards on campus and online in some institutions
  • Register your details with recruitment companies
  • Student associates in your area

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Study-care will support our students to find work through the most effective and suitable tools.

We support you to attain TFN (Tax File Number) upon arrival. Also, we help to translate and make your resume in an appropriate format. We will consult and help our students to enrol in short courses to attain certificates such as RSA (Hospitality), or White Card (Trade)… as a requirement in these industries. Please note that English levels will be an important determinant to achieve employment.