Your visa is expiring or has expired

You must have a valid visa to stay in Australia, otherwise, it is unlawful. It is very important to know when your visa expires so that you can take actions to remain lawful.  When your visa is expiring or has expired, what you must do, and what options do you have, please read the guideline below:

Check your visa expiry date and conditions

Before you decide what to do next, you must know

  • When your visa expires
  • If your visa has a condition ‘no further stay’
  • Your other visa conditions

You can check all of them on your visa grant letter, or via your VEVO.

In case, your visa has a condition to prevents further stay, you must:

  • Leave Australia before your visa expires
  • Take right actions to leave if your visa has expired already

Stay longer – for visa holders with NO condition ‘no further stay’ only

You must apply for a new visa. Your current circumstances will determine your new visa options, and what you must do to remain lawful while applying for a new visa (please contact us/ or your agencies for support and consultation).


Leave Australia

You can leave Australia any time before your visa expires. In case, your visa has expired, you must take right steps to leave Australia (apply for a bridging visa E, make arrangement to leave Australia, and leave on arranged date. You must remember: how you leave Australia could affect your eligibility to be granted a visa in future.

If you don’t have a valid visa

You must apply for bridging visa E (short visa) as soon as you can for you to remain lawful in Australia so that you can make arrangement to leave Australia. Otherwise, you can be detained or removed from Australia. This can ban another your visa for up to 3 years, except in limited situations.

Permanent residents

As a permanent resident, you can depart and return Australia as you wish for the first 5 years after the visa is granted. After this, the travel component of your visa will expire, and you must apply for a Resident Return visa. Note: If you are outside of Australia when the travel component of your permanent visa expires, DO NOT return to Australia on any kind of visa. If you do, you will lose your permanency status, and your eligibility for citizenship might be affected.

Illegal maritime arrivals

If you already hold a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV), you must apply for a subsequent TPV or SHEV before your current visa expires. If your TPV or SHEV has expired, you are in Australia unlawfully. As a result, you are not be able to work/study, and you don’t have access to Medicare or Centrelink benefits. In this case, you must leave Australia.

Based on on 13/12/2018