Student Visa

General information

Normally, you need a student visa to study overseas. This is often temporary and its length depends on the length of course that you apply. Different countries have different processes and assessments for student visa applications. Some countries require a lot of documents; on the other hand some do not. You are suggested to lodge student visa within 3 months before your course is commenced.

Student visa in different countries have different conditions that students must acknowledge. If you breach these conditions, your visa might be cancelled. These conditions might be course progress, class attendance, working hour restrictions, health care insurance maintenance,…For example, if you hold student visa in Australia, you are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks) during course in section and you can work unlimited when you are on course break. However, in England, working is more restrictive for people holding student visa. Some are prohibited from working or involving in business; some are allowed to work 20 hours or 10 hours per week. You must check and acknowledge your visa conditions.



The procedure to apply for student visa

1. Choose your destination – Study-care will provide general information about tuition fee, living expenses in different countries and cities

2. Select a school and courses – Study-care will provide information about schools such as locations, reputations, services, courses, and tuition fees

3. Enrol in the course – fill up the application form – Study-care will help you to attain offer letter, and Confirmation of enrolment

4. Prepare all supporting documents such as health check, financial evident, health insurance… – Study-care will help you for a checklist of required documents

5. Lodge student visa – Study-care will help you to lodge student visa application offshore or onshore, off line or online

Opportunity to gain work experience after studying

After graduate a bachelor degree or Master by coursework in Australia, you will be eligible for a 2-year work visa, or 3-year work visa for those studying a master by research and PhD